With emphasis on the sustainable enhancement of our Quality Management System with the contribution of all employees;
  • High-class, reliable products fully complying with standards are supplied.

  • Necessary intervention is made in errors punctually and systematically. Corrective and preventive action is applied to avoid recurrence.

  • Laws are strictly complied with throughout the whole process spanning from the initial design up to delivery to the customer. Customers, suppliers, employees and related entities are properly advised when necessary.

  • The Quality Management System and Policy are regularly reviewed, enhanced and flourished.

  • Our highly-trained and aware human resources together with infrastructural assets aligned to modern technology make substantial contribution towards achieving the objectives defined by our Quality Policy.

  • Our key commitment is to offer, as the best solution partner, the products and services that would yield the utmost benefit to customers, and secure consistent customer satisfaction.

  • All employees should seek guaranteed Zero Error on the basis of Sustainable Improvement.

  • Reduced costs, boosted efficiency and long-term profitability, and secured future can only be achieved through collaboration with suppliers and mutual trust.

  • The corporate objective in this respect is to adopt, as a life style, Total Quality Management to systematically and regularly deploy quality awareness in all operating sites and service units, and satisfy its requirements.

  • Achieving Total Quality Management and business excellence is the overall commitment of all the members of AFC Metal Pres San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.
AFC Metal - 2017